Justin Martyr

Editions [cf. Migne PG 6]
[Cf. Early Christianity Collections - Apologists]
  • Apologies and Dialogue with Trypho, ed. Marcovich [limited preview]
  • Apologies and Dialogue with Trypho, ed. S. Thyrlbius (London, 1722) [link]

  • Apologies, ed. G. Kr├╝ger (Freiburg im Bresgau, 1891) [link]
  • Apologies, ed. B. L. Gildersleeve [with Epistle to Diognetus], Douglass Series (New York, 1877) [link ]

[Cf. Early Christianity Collections - ANF vol. 1]
  • The First and Second Apologies, tr. Barnard, ECW [limited preview]
  • Rechtfertigung des Christentums (Apologie I und II), tr. H. Veil (Strassburg, 1894) [link]
  • Dialogue with Trypho, tr. T. B. Falls, rev. ed. by M. Slusser (CUA, 2003) [limited preview]