Cyril of Alexandria

Editions [cf. Migne PG 68-77]
  • Epistolae tres oecumenicae; Libri quinque contra Nestorium; XII capitum explanatio; XII capitum defensio utraque; Scholia de Incarnatione Unigeniti, ed. Pusey (Oxford, 1875) [link ]
  • De recta fide ad imperatorem / De incarnatione Unigeniti dialogus; De recta fide ad Pricipissas; De recta fide ad Augustas; Quod unus Christus dialogus; Apologeticus ad imperatorem, ed. Pusey (Oxford, 1877) [link ]
  • Comm. in Luc. quae supersunt Syriace, ed. R. Payne Smith (Oxford, 1858) [link ]
  • In D. Ioannis evangelium, ed. Pusey vol. 1 (Oxford, 1872) [link]; vol. 2 (Oxford, 1872) [link]; vol. 3 [including other fragments] (Oxford, 1872) [link]
  • In XII Prophetas, ed. Pusey, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1868) [link ]

  • On the Unity of Christ, tr. J. A. McGuckin (Crestwood, NY, 1995) [limited preview]
  • Commentary upon the Gospel according to St. Luke, tr. R. Payne Smith [from Syriac] (Oxford, 1859) [link ]
  • Commentary on the Gospel according to St. John, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1874) [link]
  • Five Tomes against Nestorius; Scholia on the Incarnation; Christ is One; Fragments against Diodore of Tarsus, Theodore of Mopsuestia, the Synousiasts (Oxford, 1881) [link]
  • Scholia on the Incarnation; Epistle on Easter, tr./ed. F. C. Conybeare [from Armenian] (London, 1907) [link]

  • Ausgewählte Schriften, tr. H. Hand (Kempten, 1879) [link]

  • J. Kopallik, Cyrillus von Alexandrien: Eine Biographie (Mainz, 1881) [link]