Clement of Rome (and Pseudo-Clementine material)

[Cf. Early Christianity Collections - Apostolic Fathers; also, Migne PG 1]
  • 1 and 2 Clem., ed. J. C. M. Laurent (Leipzig, 1870) [link]

  • [Ps.-Clement], Homiliae Viginti, ed. A. R. M. Dressel (Göttingen, 1853) [link] [link2]
  • [Ps.-Clement], Recognitiones, Rufino interprete, ed. E. G. Gersdorf (Leipzig, 1838) [link]
  • [Ps.-Clement], Recognitiones Syriace, ed. P. de Lagarde (Leipzig and London, 1861) [link]
  • [Ps.-Clement], Clementinorum epitomae duae, ed. A. R. M. Dressel (Leipzig, 1859) [link]

[Cf. Early Christianity Collections - ANF vols. 1 and 8; Apostolic Fathers]
  • The Epistle of St. Clement, Bishop of Rome, tr. J. A. F. Gregg (London, 1899) [link]