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  • Opera Omnia, ed. E. C. Marchant, OCT, vol. 1 [Historia Graeca] (Oxford, [1900]) [archive.org ]; vol. 2 [Commentarii, Oeconomicus, Convivium, Apologia Socratis] (Oxford, [1900]) [archive.org ]; vol. 3 [Expeditio Cyri] (Oxford, [1900]) [archive.org ]; vol. 4 [Institutio Cyri] (Oxford, [1900]) [archive.org ]; vol. 5 [Opuscula] (Oxford, [1900]) [archive.org ]

  • Anabasis, with Explanatory Notes, ed. J. R. Boise (New York, 1883) [link]
  • Anabasis, Book 3, ed. E. C. Marchant, Bell's Illustrated Classics (London, 1903) [link ]
  • Cyropaedia, with a tr. by W. Miller, LCL, vol. 2 (London, 1914) [link]
  • Cyropaedia, abridged by C. W. Gleason (New York, 1897) [link ]
  • Cyropaedia, ed. Dindorf, notes by J. J. Owen, 3rd ed. (New York, 1852) [link ]

  • W. W. Goodwin and J. W. White (ed./comm.), Selections from Xenophon and Herodotus [= Greek Reader] (Boston, 1902) [link]
  • J. Surtees Phillpotts (ed./comm.), Selections Adapted from Xenophon (Oxford, 1883) [link]

  • The Anabasis, or Expedition of Cyrus, and the Memorabilia of Socrates, tr. J. S. Watson (London, 1894) [link ]
  • The Cyropaedia, or Institution of Cyrus, and The Hellenics, or Grecian History, tr. J. S. Watson and H. Dale (London, 1876) [link ]

Studies and Resources
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